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AuthorTopic: Avernum 3 Bugs
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Just started playing Avernum 3 under OS X (Jaguar). I've got two problems:

1) I've found some items which give ability bonuses (for example, Crafted Chain Mail: gives +1 to Dex). These items don't seem to work. ie, I put them on, and my stats remain the same. Note that resistance items *do* work: putting on an acid resistance necklace makes my acid resistance go up to 40. But all my other stats (specifically Dex, Int, and Nature Lore) remain the same, even when I wear items that should increase them.

2) This is more of a gameplay issue. During combat, enemy movement is invisible. I can *hear* the baddies moving, and if they actually hit me and cause damage I can see them. But if they walk around or strike and miss, they are not drawn on my screen until the end of their turns. Not a big deal at this point in the game, but I know these games pretty well, and in *large* combats it's going to be confusing as hell to figure out where I'm needed or what's happening unless I can fix this. I've tried setting the speed to its slowest setting--this doesn't work. It makes the noises slower, but doesn't cause anything to be drawn.

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Definitely send #2 to spiderweb. They are still working out the kinks in carbonizing games.

Number 1 is probably not a bug. Items do not give visible stat increases in Avernum 3. You may see some of the results of stat increases (higher carrying capacity, increased resistances, better melee or magic damage, higher to hit %, etc.) but you will not see the increase on the character screen.

However, the stats have been increases- wearing the crafted chain mail makes your character act faster in combat, dodge better, and perform better in other dex-related actions. It's just not listed. It would be a recommendation to Jeff (but not a bug find) to offer a suggestion that he change this.

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I too have experienced the second bug that Ssstuart mentioned. In combat, you don't see the enemies move at all. At the end of the turn, it is as if they have teleported from one location to another!

Also, I have another problem with A3. I have found that since emerging on the surface, the custom cursor has disapeared. All I see is the standard OSX cursor arrow. On the 3d Isometric board, it gets a little confusing, especially in combat as I end up 'Dancing' around the enemy (if i am lucky) before I hit it. If I am unlucky the character steps away and I take one in the back *ouch*. This extends also to the magic cursor, I don't know how many bolts I can shoot (eg. Ice lances). FYI the cursor does not seem to change at all at startup. Just stays as the standard system one.

Schrodinger: You mention sending the report to Spiderweb. How would I go about doing that?

All in all, A3 is a great game!


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Just want to add, that I am using the latest version of A3 (v1.1) and using OS X 10.1.5

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Email it to spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com

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I've actually had the a variation on the invisible enemies thing, only in my case it was more like duplicate enemies.
In my case I'm talking about the Windows version, oh well I'll just E-Mail it to Jeff.
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Is this a bug? It happened to me 2 times but doesn't always happen. If you go to the bandit fort in upper exile and exit sometimes it brings you close to fort emergence. A couple of spaces away from it. Maybe 5 spaces?

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This only happens to me once (about) every combat when there are heaps of enemies moving, and it just forgets to move one or another.

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I think that even though the main stat(INT,DEX...) upgrade items don't show up on your stat list, they work anyway. It seemed that way for me at least.

I too have had the invisible guys bug happen to me, but not enough times to talk about it on the board.
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