A3- minor SDF issues

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AuthorTopic: A3- minor SDF issues
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A few SDFs in A3 don't seem to have been checked. In the Cult of the Sacred Items temple, I get messages going in and out of the item storage room about my hands being clean.

In the Filth Factory, if you reenter town and again do the split party thing, the walls peel away- but you've already killed the undead. On the other hand, there is some small justification for this.
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also if you go to the undead lair of (I forget their name) and move mountains the wall and kill the boss, the whole going around in a circle to open the entrance is full of shouts from an allready dead mob.

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The Cult of the Sacred Item repeats the clean message because if your hands aren't clean then it hurts you going in or going out.

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