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AuthorTopic: Killing Shanti -GF2-
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Hi! I was wondering about a strange thing: before completing the Secret Tunnel, I tryed to kill Shanti, and I had succes, and nobody in Drypeak tryed to kill me. I loaded and, after completing the Secret Tunnel Area, I reached FreeGate. Then a message informed me that Shanti is disapperar. So I thinked: if you kill Shanti before reaching FreeGate, what will happen?

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Well, you did it. You tell Dikiyoba.
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I've done it before. The game will not register her death as far as the plot goes. She won't be there anymore, granted ... but nothing changes for the future of the game.

Killing her before you get to Drypeak (if you can) doesn't affect anything. She appears in the next area as though nothing has happened.

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I've done that, and found her in Drypeak. Basicly, nothing happens.

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