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i am on dhonal's isle
when i try to leave an area i get the map for harmony and greenwood isles

nvm i went back to greenwood and back 2 dhonal's isle and it fixed itself

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I had the same problem. Retur back in the school, speak with the mind then come back in Dhonal keep.

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This is a bug that I experienced more often that I would have liked. It had to do with using the boat at Dhonal's Keep that goes to the first island. For some reason or another, (after doing something stupid, usually) I'd load the autosave (it autosaves when you use the boat) and start travelling around Dhonal's Island. I would get the map for Greenwood Isle.

The same thing happens if you load the autosave for travelling from any of the boats, and then leave the zone via land.

You can work around it by avoiding the autosave slot if you see a boat in the picture OR click where the zone's icon would be. The second method is a pain in the arse.

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