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AuthorTopic: editing stuff
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Can someone give me a step-by-step way to edit things in Geneforge 3? I can't even figure out how to get into the script editor.
Thanks! :confused:
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Step 1: Learn BoA scripting.

Step 2: Extrapolate that to GF3 scripting. :P

I joke, but this is more or less what one ought to do. There is no script editor. The scripts are text files in the GF3 Files folder (at the bottom, after all the saved games). There is no documentation. There are no online guides. The closest thing is documentation for BoA.

EDIT: I suppose it also bears saying that you're not actually supposed to edit GF3. That's why there's no documentation for how to do it.

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The data file is also real tempermental. You can screw up the game real fast if you don't do it just right.

Dikiyoba hasn't tried to edit G3, but Dikiyoba's experience with editing items in G2 has taught Dikiyoba that it's not a good idea.
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Dikiyoba it's right. Me too haven't a good experience with editing...

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If you tell us exactly what you want to edit and a point in the game where it occurs, some of the BoA designers could at least try to help you. But there's really no step-by-step guide to editing things in general.

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I wanted to edit my stats so i saved up skill points and used a memory scanner to change the address to 250 skill points. i wouldn't reccommend this as it can wreck your game but you could try this

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go to scripts folder and open "canister.txt"
change (last part of page)
been_used = 1;

been_used = 0;

it makes canisters reusable

this may only work for gf2 though

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I already did that Here
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