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AuthorTopic: GF1 Thorny Woods
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How do you clear Thorny Woods? I've killed Ezog, explored everything, opened everything except the trapped box, informed Demel, and reported back to Mickall in Pentil. But I never got the "zone cleared" message and the big map still shows Thorny Woods in red.
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Explore everything again. The zone is only cleared if there are no hostile creations or other enemies anymore, maybe one ran away from you.

You know, why the Sliths are green - because of their scales.

Maybe you know why some slith eyes were once red - ´cause the demons, which led them were red.

But why are the eyes of the Slith Lord Followers red? Because they see the remains of their enemies always before the battle begins!
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Hmm. I've usually been able to clear the zone just by walking through it. That is, I enter from one side and leave by the other. You shouldn't need to kill Ezog to clear it, because the Takers eventually give you a quest to kill Demel and free Ezog and the others.

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Yeah, the others are right. Kill rogues and explore well will makes the area free.

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Dikiyoba found the solution. I had entered and left Thorny Woods through the same exit, so the zone didn't clear. Interesting feature...

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