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AuthorTopic: Rotgroth Fangs
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The first time I played the game through, I aquired only 1 rotgroth fang in the Monestary of Tears despite the # of rotgroths, which was irritating. Well on my second time through I didn't get any, so I tried again. Then I tried it with my luck impossibly high twice, which still produced the same results. (by the way that impossibly trapped box in the game contains only trash, literaly) I tried it again with my original stats, same thing. Needless to say this was extremely frustrating and induced much cussing. Does anyone know what could be wrong? (an item trainer would also reduce my frustration)

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hmmm... that seems odd... i had presumed that the one specific rotghroth was supposed to always drop one (since i ended up getting exactly one each of gazer eye, drakon scale, and rotghroth fang i think)...

i always just assumed it wasn't random :P

anyways, you pretty much have to try it over and over and over and over and... uhhh... well, you get the idea. the chance of an enemy randomly dropping an item is really not very high.

[ Friday, December 09, 2005 14:35: Message edited by: Jaid ] there are item trainers on these boards, shouldn't be too hard to find one... [/edit]

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use zeviz's item trainer its available on the page where you have the choice to make a new topic in the geneforge part of the forum

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You can get at least 2 rotgroth fangs if you have done everything. One rotgroth on the island of spear will always drop his fang and another on the monastary of tears. I am very sure about the second one, for I remember I always get a drakon scale, a gazer's eye and a rotgroth fang on the monastary of tears.
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