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AuthorTopic: things I can't find
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I am currently looking around for the following

1) An infiltrator vest (I looked in the purification plant but didn't find it there)

2) The missing crate that the customs guy in fort wilton wants

3) A wand of the inferno (I accidentally sold the one I found in the greenwood isle mines)

4) someone who will give me bonus money for research notes or shaper equipment

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great

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The only one I can think of at the moment is that you can sell research notes in Dhonal's Keep to Shaper Danell, and sell Shaper equipment on Gull Island to Bailey in Stonespire..

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1. Look in the SW section of the inside parts of the Purification Plant, not the outer ring. This task is easier if you've shut off the plant.

2. This crate is in a dome to the NE of the Storage Road. Several cryoas will appear when you get close.

Note to number 4: if you've previously released Agatha from the Maker's End, Bailey will not be collecting Shaper equipment.

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4) If you are less than steadfast in your love of the shapers you can also sell research notes to the woman running the shop on the outside north wall of Fort Wilton. Alwyn is scandalised by such actions.
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3) I had the same problem with the Wand of Inferno. I finally (finally!) found one, if I'm not mistaken, while exploring Gull Island (needless to say the experience rewarded at that time was negligible, but I finally saw that quest completed, I had felt like a fool for using the Wand of Inferno so early in the game (I went to the Creator's lair very early, after only about 7 or so explored regions. . .))


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well thank you everyone I have now located everything I wanted to. (I found a Wand of the Inferno in Darkstone Mine, by the way)

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you can make a wand of inferno too, but you need a stick, a gemstone, demon bile, and a perfect drakon scale.

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