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AuthorTopic: Lair of the creator
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im an agent, doing my best to help the shapers but i am stuck, i get kill every time i enter, eather by that mad dryke or by all the battle alphas

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This might not be the best strategy, and you may already have tried it, or it may all be obvious:

Do the map in combat mode. Cast speed and any other spell you have around (shield, and the spells that add to your health for the duration of the region might work)

Try to advance little by little. If you're getting too badly ganged on, run away since you can leave an area while in combat mode, the fact that you're moving faster might help.

I just finished playing the game and I already forgot where this region is: Greenwood? Dholan? I'm trying to think if you can kill the creator any other way that doesn't involve combat so you can do it faster and avoid the fights.

Anyway, good luck.


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I'm going through the Lair of the Creator (Greenwood Isle) and I've only found Fyoras, Thahds, and Crawlers, so it seems that there's one per island or something.

Theoretically, you can convince the Creators to obey you with enough Leadership, but that never worked for me. And my Fyora keeps dying under the wave of Crawlers that the *%#@ing thing keep spawning.
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Haven't seen any battle alphas (!) in Greenwood yet, aside from the one blocking the Shaper school.

But if we're talking Greenwood Isle, I've tried reasoning with the Warped Creator with a Leadership of 8 and it still doesn't work.

And speaking of fyoras, one of the odd things I found out when re-playing Geneforge 2 with a Guardian is that I only needed creations once (to give a bunch of Submission Vlish more targets too choose from). As antithetical as it sounds to not play with creations, so far I'm doing OK with Alwan and Greta, though one or both of them seems bound to leave/betray me once I register the game.

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I believe the Creator he is referring to is the one on Dhonal isle.

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