ugh damn Krya's Refuge

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AuthorTopic: ugh damn Krya's Refuge
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ok what is up with this zone.

I am followin the walkthrough and have finished the entire 2nd island cept for this part.

i thought i had a great group of creations but Krya is kickin my ass

im a lvl 16 shaper with a 22 thad shade, 21 searing worm, 19 fyora, and vlish.

one blast of ice and poof i dead.

any advice?
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Come back later.

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Cast Augmentation on yourself and anyone else you feel you can spare the essence for (and maybe use one of those 2657 pods you have hoarded). Cast the bless/haste party spell the name of which I forget.
As soon as you read the book, run into a side passage so you don't get surrounded at once.
IIRC, acid is really good against ghosts and fire is useless.

Or yes, come back later. Kyra's refuge is harder than the general area it's in.

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I beat this area at lv 16 with 2 vlish and a searing artila. Don't forget to use speed, war blessing and protection. The final specter guarding the tomb is incredibly powerful and stay away from it at all costs. It will take out half of your nearby creation's hp in one hit with its evil ability. Use war blessing, protection and haste at least one of your vlish and try to stun/slow it so it cannot attack you, and try to hit. As long as the shade can't hit you, he isn't too difficult.
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Ihave been having much better luck with a single creation - but with as many points as I think I can get away with.

High dex makes the creation nearly impossible to hit, and high endurance makes it very hard to kill.

I was using a single Thad or maybe a spectral thad with as much as I could put into it.
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