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AuthorTopic: Leadership, Mechanics, Luck
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I'm playing through G3 for the first time, and I'd like to know how much of these skills it is worth it to get.

For example, in the original geneforge game you could buy up to 30 luck. It wasn't worth it to train more than 1 point with your character points (1 point was needed when using certain pillars if I remember right, though you could forgo even this point and come back to the pillars later). Is luck worth it to buy with character points in G3? Are there special events that depend on it, and if so how much luck is required? How much base luck that is, taking into account any items that grant luck?

For mechanics, I assume there will be traps and other special objects that you can't use living tools or unlock magic to get past, just as there were in G2. How much base mechanics is needed to get through all areas of the game? Base mechanics meaning how much do I need before donning +mechanics items.

Same thing for leadership; how much is necessary to see all there is? Taking into account various items you can wear to boost leadership?

I'm asking because I get a bit silly with these games. I think waaay too much about where to spend points, and I hate to think that I've "wasted" points in these skills. So I save points, think about it, etc., when if I knew I needed say 7 base mechanics and 8 base leadership to do everything in the game I could buy up to those amounts and feel good about it. Instead of say stuggling with 3 or 4 mechanics through the early portions of the game, then realizing I need to buy more anyways later.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
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All of your questions depend on your playing style, some people prefer to use leadership and mechanics and some people prefer to carve through tons of enemys.

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About Luck, I always like to get a few points just in case. It improves your armor and resistances by 1% in addition to supposedly increasing chances of getting good loot from dead monsters, so it's worth it to buy a few points just for that.

About leadership, the common recommendation is to have 10 on Dhonal's Island. The earlier you'll get it to 10, the more often you'll get a chance to use it. Later, you might need even more, but I don't think it's as helpful later in the game.

For Mechanics, try to get 10 (with items) before leaving first island. In the end of the game, you might need 20 (with items), but you can survive with less.

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This is how I play it, and I get XP from every specal encounter except one (where you need 12 leadership.):

Leadership: 7 By Fort Kentia. 8 by San Ru. +2 from items on Dhonalds (Infiltrators Vest/Cloak). Maybe even the Infiltrators ring.

Mechanics: 6 by Greenwood Mines. Get Tinker Gloves (+2Mech) From San ru. 8 before entering Acidic Valley, preferably before reaching level 20 (Which you do really early on Dhonald's, if you play right).

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The amount of leadership needed to get every possible benefit is 16 if you're a loyalist and 14 if you're a rebel. Ten will get you through most of the situations which check this skill. This is after equipment bonuses and the Charisma spell if you have it.

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hmmm.... out of curiosity, do you have a list of which situations require leadership? Specifically, I'm wondering what you need 16 for...

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Personally, I usually spend a bunch of my points at the beginning to get leadership and mech up to about 5-6 each. Then by the end of the 1st island, I like to have leadership at about 8 and mech not far behind. The 2nd island requires a little more from my character than the ability to open stuff and talk authoritatively, and those stats suffer for other things then. But, you do need to get leadership to 10 for a few things on this island.

Finally, at the end, there is one spot where you need a mech of 20 -- but since this is a side-step area, rather than a spot where you need to go, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Oh, and it's possible to have +8 mech in items. At least, that's the best I've been able to gather together. I think you also can get +3 in leadership, but I've never gone out of my way to tally that stat properly.

As for luck, I usually ignore it almost entirely. I haven't seen where it does much (except for what Zeviz stated earlier). I usually start with 1 point in luck and unless i decide to wear the lucky boots you can find, that's what I end with.

*All numbers have item values included.

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