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AuthorTopic: LOOK!!!!!
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Originally written by [b:
hawk king[/b]]
yup and meat heals just imagine all your creations are dead you have 1 hp and no essence but you still have one creation left an ornk you kill it for it's meat witch heals you there that is why there should be meat when one of your ornks die
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I thought this topic was about sheep?
:confused: ;)

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How many shapers are there?
Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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But ornks are the closest creature to sheep in Geneforge, well they are the only livestock.
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Hmmm, serviles are also like sheep as they seem to follow a leader almost mindlessly (although the are evolving and learning). I was wondering if the serviles were ever "eaten" by the shapers back in the day, I bet they taste like chicken.

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I don't think they were cannibals. Cause serviles do resemble humans.

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There's a cool Ornk Related Thingy in G3, not quite an Ornk Lord (who was really nice, by the way) and not quite an Ornk Cannister (didn't find it in G3) but still Ornk related:

In the Monastery of Tears (cool place, very cool specially the Caves, which may be the toughest region of the game, what do you guys think?) towards the West-Slightly-NW section of it there's a Spammer (sorry a Spawner) and it Spawns nothing more and nothing less than Ornks. I thought that was a cool touch.


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Yes, and neutral ornks too, not like those belligerent ones following their lord in GF1. I assume it's a rebel invention for more efficient livestock farming.


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