What enhancement should I add to the Crystalline Shroud?

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AuthorTopic: What enhancement should I add to the Crystalline Shroud?
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What's the best enhancement to add to that particular item? Which enhancements are best in general?

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Well there are a few different valuable enhancements for armor: blessing stones add +5 % armor, golden crystals (most rare and valueable enhancement) add +5% to all hostile effect resistance. It does not add to armor, but is probably usually a better choice. And thirdly steel spines cause damage to anyone who hits you. However steel spines are probabaly only useful to mellee guardians as most other classes and playstyles involve rarely ever being hit, and if you are often getting hit the crystalline shroud is a bad choice due to its low armor value.

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For armor the best inchantments are golden crystal and steel spines. The golden crystal makes you resistent to effects and when someone attacks you pysically the steel spines hurt them. The best inchantment for the sword is the regeneration crystal which when you attack it sucks in some of your opponents life and transfers it to your own.
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