Misshaped golem in benarii-eo labs

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AuthorTopic: Misshaped golem in benarii-eo labs
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How on earth do i kill this guy? If i'm supposed to be able to just go up to him and start hitting i must be doing something very wrong because i'm nowhere near being able to do that even on easy.
I figure i'm supposed to use the purification crystal but even though it says the controls are nearby, i simply cant find them. Am i overlooking something obvious here?
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Well, you can just go up and hit him: I did it with a drayk, a gazer, and a shaper. My drayk was pretty much useless, but it drew fire for a little bit. If you want to use the crystal, the controls are in the passage just to the west of the crystal with the red flashing crystal; it's just a lever like to open a door. Watch out though, the crystal will damage your creations quite a bit as well.
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Yeah, I don't see the problem. He's tough, but perfectly doable, whatever your class or difficulty level. I've never bothered fussing with the crystal; just walk up and start whacking. Having a lot of AP helps, and quaffing the odd healing pod when he hits, but otherwise just keep a-chopping, and he'll crumble eventually.

Perhaps you are trying to do this at too low an experience level?

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The key to killing this guy is speed. Haste your characters before attacking.

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Make him follow you to the rothgoths to the west. With their help you can very easily kill him.
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If Agent: Haste/Bless yourself. Hit him with "Kill" or "Searer" two times a round, heal when you need to heal.
If Shaper: Use a swarm of your best creations, haste them all. I did it with a single creation that I pumped up allot.
If Guardian: Never tried it, but with high dex and Missile Weapons you should do enough damage with a nice wand to bring him down.

Seriously, how can you fail this on easy? I had more problems with the Golem in Darkstone Mine Core.

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