what do you like about G3?

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AuthorTopic: what do you like about G3?
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what you like.

characters;graphics; new creatures or spells; the new inventory system;new weapons; going to different islands;anything

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I like that the canisters can have an actual effect on the PC, where as before there were no real consequences for using them. Also, now we are able to train two levels in spells and shaping after having used a canister.

The inventory system is much better. I like everything in the pack being easily accessible.

Shops having unlimited gold is very nice too, but I don't like that the items that are sold to them disappear.
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I really like that the canisters affect you so much. I also like the fact that for choosing a sect, it doesn't just say: there are the blank, blank, and blank: choose, like it did in G1 and G2.
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I like the canisters too, and I also like thw fact that there are less sects. Among other things, I like cryoas being stronger and the islands. I don't like not being able to use boats like in Avernum, or that exitzone in an underground level takes you back to the 1st island.

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i like the quick action items. its pretty cool to set your wands and gems and pods up for easy use.

i also like the islands' system

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I dont like it that gf3 is so linear.
You cant go to another island before you complete the main quests on this island.
And you have to help either the shapers or the rebels.
I want a fallout like open game.
Gf3 was a disappointment.
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