Three questions, and some thoughts

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AuthorTopic: Three questions, and some thoughts
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Question 1: Can I find Create Drayk on Dhonal's Isle???

Question 2: I've noticed a difference between GF 2, but I need to have it confirmed. If I want 4 in a particular skill, can I use two canisters first and THEN train to reach 4 in skill level? In Geneforge 2, you couldn't do this (had to train to skill 2 first, and then use canisters), but I think I done that with the spell 'Heal'. I brought one level, read a spellbook, and then brought another.

3. Is it possible to get more than 4 in Create Fyora? I can create Battle Alpha's and Glaahks, but I've always had a soft spot for the humble fyora. 8 essence, and they really pack a punch. If so, where do I find the canisters/spellbooks?

It seems the Cyroa is far more powerful and useful than in GF 2 and GF 1. I was wasting Vlish and another annoyances on the second isle, whereas my pet Vlish weren't dishing out much hurt (yes yes, I know that magic Creations don't do much damage to other magic creations.)

60 Essence points for a Glaahk. What the...?!?! When I saw that, I was rightfully mad. My favourite Creation has been nerfed (no stunning against battle creations), and costs far more.

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Should include a spoiler warning in the subject.

Create Drayk is in the northern wing of Lord Rahul's private quarters.

Yes, you can train after canisters in G3, so you can forget about the tedious strategy from G2, of skipping all the canisters then going back for them after training.

I don't know about getting Create Fyora 4, but thanks for the word on Cryoas. I never got into them before. Vlish still worked fine for me in G3, as did Glaahks. A pair of Glaahks worked okay on Battle Alphas, and also served well enough as damage sponges that I started thinking of mine as two-legged tanks. The Rotghroths on Dhonal were a bit challenging, but doable, and then by the time I met the multiple Rotghroths of Spears, I had Gazers, so nothing mattered anymore.

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Note that being able to train in a skill twice after canisters also includes learning skills from other means such as reading books or quest rewards from talking to people. Now rather than checking to see whether you have increased a skill twice since starting the game as it did in Geneforge 2, it only checks whether you have paid for the skill from a trainer twice.

And if you really want to be able to make more powerful fyora, you can increase fire shaping skill which gives +1 level at creation just like a point of skill in fyora in particular does, but in any case you will likely only be able to have rather high level fyora if you create them near the beginning of the game so they level up with you, so if thats what you want invest your initial and first few levels of skill points in intelligence and fire shaping. (though I've always found that when I first manage to make a cryora (with usually several points invested in intelligence but only 3 fire shaping at that point) it ends up being several levels higher than the fyora I started the game with, so keeping a fyora throughout the game is likely not the best of strategies. Sure it only costs a few essence, but at higher levels it will not be very significant in battles compared to higher tier creations that will likely be higher level as well, and you do get a percentage exp penalty the more creations you have.

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