G1 and G2 plot summaries plx

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AuthorTopic: G1 and G2 plot summaries plx
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I played G1 and G2, but never really finished them. Moreover, I don't remember exactly what happened. I appreciate that some parts in G3 give a little background history, but there are still some gray areas I have about the story. For example, who exactly were the Sholai, and where did they go? (I also don't remember if they were in G2.)

Also, which endings (if any) does G3 assume? G3 tells us most everything on Sucia was destroyed, except for Ghaldrig(sp?) behind the mysterious door. Did this occur in G2?
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You sure you want to hear spoilers? Well, here they are.

In G1 game ends when protagonist leaves the island. If he uses the geneforge, he creates a small state of his own and engages into cold war with the Council. If he does not destroy the Geneforge before leaving, well, that starts a outburst of violence on the continent. I have heard there is no loyal purist ending, even if you don't use canisters. I do not know what happens if you work with either sholai or the shaper -- didn't trust them one bit.

G2 seems to be able to assume an ending with destroyed geneforge.

In G2 loyalist ending causes destruction of Barzites, enslavement of the free serviles and dissapearance of the Takers -- I guess that is the ending assumed in G3. If you side with the serviles, they form a tiny state with great defences and live happily ever after. Didn't try to join the other factions, so ask around.
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G1 Ending:
Geneforge destroyed, Traykov and almost all serviles killed. Is geneforge used by shaper or not - i don't know - no iformation about it. Sholai contacted, diplomacy with them started. Sholai - explorers from very far country with Russian's names :)
G2 Ending:
Barzites, Takers, Awakened killed. Eass creation, Ghaldrig hidden behind "strange cold door".
Ghaldrig awekend.War rages.
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Okay, that clears up a bunch. Thanks!
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