Which GF3 ending do youall like the best?

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AuthorTopic: Which GF3 ending do youall like the best?
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I like the "obeyer" one, where you get to fly off in the gilded drakon mutant to the main island. But then again, the "awakened" one isn't bad either, unless you've used too many canisters and get flogged. hard to say. What do you all think?

And yes, i'm kidding :D
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I like the ending where you get to use the Geneforge. Repeatedly. In succession. And single-handedly destroy all civilization on the planet, replacing its inhabitants with utterly loyal minions, and raise entire forests from barren deserts with the wiggling of a pinkie.

I found that rather satisfying. :)

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The best ending is the one when you destroy every sect and randomly start morphing into the SHAPODRAKOBAKER!! In other words, the heavily augmented shaper morphed with the heavily augmented drakon that is the overlord of all shaping. I find this very satisfying.

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How come you all have already finished it?

How many shapers are there?
Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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You might observe that the first poster states that he is in fact joking, and the replies are all clearly absurd.

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