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AuthorTopic: Making Wands
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hey can anybody who knows how post the stuff you combine to make whatever type of wand? I can't find anything that works!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
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One must wonder, what happens when one has a question about Geneforge 3.

Firstly, they register on the forums.
Secondly, they scan through the list of Forums.
Finally, they post their Geneforge 3 Question in General Discussion, because it definitely does not belong in the Geneforge 3 Forum.


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This is Geneforge 3? I was so sure it was some Blades of Avernum scenario that had self-made wands...

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There was a list of things you could make and items used to make it in an earlier forum. search for it.
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Here, fellas.

How many shapers are there?
Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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