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AuthorTopic: begintalknode in beginobjectscript
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I want to know if its possible to make essence pools talk. Like bind the talknode into objectscript, you approach the pool, and if youre closer or equal than 2 squares you begin a conversation with the pool. Thanx in advance :)
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Of course it is possible, but then you would have to write the talk script yourself, and then what is the point? You allready know what it is going to say.

You could also add these small white pop-up lines coming from the pool, but to me it seems as pointless as the previouse example.

"..The seventh wave of Thrall stumbled and climbed over the slippery, piled dead and Mazzarin saw The Watcher with them and at last knew the number of his days."
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Well, thanks for the info, but I was kinda hoping that someone would tell me how to exactly do it too :)
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