Challenge- soup and lizard meat

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AuthorTopic: Challenge- soup and lizard meat
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I have come up with a new challenge. Rules:

-You may only create lizard creations (i.e. fyora, cryoa, drayk, cryodrayk, drakon, ur-drakon)

-Must use lots of potions.

-No Mental, Blessing or Healing magic apart from Heal and Major Heal.

-No item enhancements.

-Only melee weapons.

-No artifacts before level 40

Try it!

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Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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Aside form using unlock to open doors, and essence orbs on the very hard battles, what you described is more or less how I normally play.

The only creations I make are Cryoas, and once I am able I make drayks/cryodrayks.

The only healing magic I use is heal and major heal. I don't really use blessing magic except in very difficult battles.

I like working with melee while my pets work in magic, but I do use essence orbs on high-level creations.

I didn't use the anvils to forge anything. (I experimented with the anvil after finishing the game.)

I picked up some of these habits from GF1 and 2, and they work well for me. Since it is pretty easy to get through GF without using magic I never really got into using a lot of spells or blessing magic until I played Avernum.

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Yeah, that is not any real challenge.

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