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AuthorTopic: Walkthrough
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Someone needs to write a walkthrough for G3.

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good idea: I vote to make it collaborative!

I can offer the webhost, how about a 'collaborative book':

or a wiki:

if you give me a day or so, I can have something up and running. you could use the 'hierarchy' to break the walkthrough up into each island, perhaps also with sections for items, monsters, char creation tips and so on.

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I like the idea of a collaborative walktrhough, so i will aid in any way i can (which is only in-game knowledge, since i can not afford webspace nor know any about creating a webpage)

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how about something like this:


I will keep a blog on my site progress here:


at the moment any registered user can create/edit pages in the 'collaborative books', attach files and upload images (images currently not configured correctly on the webhost, coming soon)

but, as I find some responsible people, I think I'll create an 'editor' user type and tighten up the submission guidelines (you can have community moderated submission and so on, it's pretty nifty)

I'll work on it periodically through the week and this weekend, feedback of course thirsted for - feel free to post comments on my 'site blog' page or here.
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