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AuthorTopic: Dryss
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Is there a way to get Dryss too help you kill Lord Rahul when you tell lord Rahul to keep him alive and examine him but then join the rebels?
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No, he won't do anything at anytime. After I killed Lord Rahul I went to see if I could free him, and there was no new dialogue.
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Yes. Talk to him with 14 or more leadership after you have previously attempted to use the orb to kill Lord Rahul.

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Yes, and he comes in very handy for distracting and holding guards at bay while you're duking it out with the Rahuls.

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I'll have to try that, will he go with you after the battle?
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No, I think he just wanders off.

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Yeah, he just 'escapes the castle'. I didn't find him much help: he couldn't find Rahul to attack even though I was fighting Rahul right around the corner from Dryss. Plus by the time I found Rahul I had already cleared out most of the guards.

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