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My little brother needs some help. He is on the Isle of Spears playing as a loyalist shaper. He convinced the shaper camp to help him invade Benniri-Eo. Upon reaching the vat area, he found that the shapers had been discovered and had moved. He's also had difficulty progressing through the area because of the poison pools. I've only recently started my second file(I played as a rebel first) and haven't yet progressed to that point. So, where are the shapers? And can you turn the pools off?

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I don't know where the Shapers are, but each pool has a control panel somewhere near by. They are all very close, as long as your mechanics is up you can turn them off.
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The Shapers are inside the Geneforge in the NW corner. Only the three shapers are alive and they will only help you kill the the Drakon Boss (Which name i forgot). So before that you are on your own.

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