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Just finished G3 and was trying to make all the items on the forges, and saw the recipes topic, so now i've got a few questions :)

1) Where do you get a Ur-Drakon Skin, I killed the one below the monastry but got a normal Drakon Skin :confused:

2) Do you get told these recipes:

Jeweled Wand - Stick, Gemstone, Perfect Drayk Scale, Spray Crystal.
Wand of Death- Stick, Gemstone, Eyebeast Eye, Mandrake.
Wand of the Inferno - Stick, Gemstone, Drakon Scale, Demon Bile.
Swarm Crystal - Gemstone, Mandrake Tincture.
Madness Gem - Gemstone, Beautiful Crystal, Eyebeast Eye.

Or do you have to find them out on your own (Or get them from the hint book)?

3) Is the exact recipe for the protecter of all given in the game?

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I too wonder were the Ur-Drakon Skin is hidden.

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All protector- I think Hawthorne (in east kentia) gives it to you after you've completed his quests.

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Hawthorne does not give you the All-Protector. You have to make it yourself. I find it a rather lame item, though.

There are Drakon skins -- the only kind you need, whether Ur or Perfect or whatever, there is actually only one kind -- in three places. The Drakon that emerges from a tank after a lot of Drayks; the Drakon that sells things; and some Drakon-thing in Tears-R-Uss (Monastery Caves). The first two are on the Isle of Spears, and it doesn't take long to find them. The last will take a while to get hold of because you need the access bracelets.

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