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gforscen.txtIf i make any changes to this file the game crashes when i try to load a saved game or even start over again.
Can someone explain why i can't make any changes to this file(the file is from the geneforge 2 game)
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Because that file contains all the information (graphics, stats) about creations, items, floors, etc. for the entire game. Anything you change in that file effects every single zone in the game. That's why the game crashes if you do something to that file that the game doesn't like.


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but all i did was to modify some stats, the game never crashed when i tried to edit itemchars.txt files in geneforge 3 and 4
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What exactly did you change? And how many things?
For i found that in the first two geneforges you can not edit the file too much - i don't know why, maybe it has something to do with the file size, but i am by no means sure.
Oh, and how does it crash - the game ends or it just says something like "gforscen.txt:error in line xxx" and you can still play, bnut everything is screwed up?

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It just crashed when i try to load a game or when i tried to begin a new one, and i only changed the agent graphic with the shaper one and some stats(i modified my life points to 202), anyway i avoided the bug by replacing the images themselves but i still couldn't modify the stats.

I believe that the file has a specific number of character's or something like that, but it doesn't matter now cause i already finished the game.

Oh, and no error message has appeared.
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