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AuthorTopic: Ordering Geneforge
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I just thought of another stupid(ish) question.

I was thinking about ordering Geneforge 4 and getting Geneforge 1 for $15. (Atleast that is what is says on the ordering screen)

So if I were to do this and later want to buy the Geneforge Trilogy CD would I get a discount off for already having bought Geneforge 1?

EDIT: I just thought of a new question.
If I were to get the Geneforge 4 bundle and the Geneforge 1 PROMO CD is there some sort of tax on the cost? As in if I have exactly $50 would I need slightly more money to pay for a tax or something of some kind?

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Sales tax isn't usually added although it should be if you live in Washington state. Follow the purchase form regarding taxes.

Email Jeff regarding combining discounts. Buying the first 3 Geneforge games together is cheaper, but I haven't kept up with the discounts when you add in Geneforge 4.
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