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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 2 - Question on Trainers
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Okay, From other posts I understand that the way trainers work in GF2 is somewhat different that in the first one. The gist that I was able to get is that for every canister or quest reward that you get for an ability, you will not be able to be trained by one level. I'm just started out but was able to confirm this in Drypeak

My question is, does the same apply for skill advancements due to leveling up? In other words, if I increase mental magic by 1 when I go up a level, would that limit my ability to use a trainer in the future?
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Yes. If you don't need the ability in the early part of the game, then wait on using skill points or a canister. So save your game before using a canister and then decide whether you want to keep the result at this time.

For most players not being able to use a trainer doesn't make a difference. They are expensive.
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Dikiyoba finds that the only skill trainer worth holding out for in the combat skill trainer in East Medab. There are a few others, but they come too late in the game to bother with.

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Mostly because of general laziness I ignored that little thing and got throught the game fine slightly weaker than the more invested player.

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