Hardist Special Zones

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AuthorTopic: Hardist Special Zones
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Which bonus was the hardest?

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G4, nothing hard as a 5000 point shape-shifting self-regenerating monster who is protected by sentrys and who can shape, try killing him with a stick.

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Nah, GF4 is easy if you sneak around and kill his friends first. GF1 is the worst with spawners that can't be shut off and nasty monsters that keep you in fight mode the whole time.
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I tried to get into Inner Gazak-uss and I can't. Can someone tell me how? I know you ask a hermit and he tells you but I still can't seem to get in.

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You need to collect three pieces of a broken crystal, which will unlock the sealed door to IGU. They are scattered around various zones near the Geneforge. For more detail consult a walkthrough.

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Are we suppose to answer which challenge section was hardest or our favorite? I thought G2 was the hardest because I didn't particularily like it and so didn't have the stomach for any reloads. G1's challenge section was probably my favorite. Matala felt like more of a challenge than the Titan.

As usual, Dikiyoba has not played G3 and therefore cannot comment on it.

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I thought the Shaper Crypt was the hardest, and also my favourite.

Being the first game in the series I didn't realise until later that it was supposed to be optional & the most difficult area in the game, so I kept on trying to do it when I first reached it. Playing as a Guardian my first time, it was truly torment.

It is also has a far more interesting boss monster than all the sequels, although admittedly Danette is a bit wimpy compared to, say, the Titan.

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