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AuthorTopic: G3 - Creation Options
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I'm a loyalist canister-infested Shaper about to pack his bags to Gull Island and I'm ready to make another two additions to my group consisting of Alwan and two Drayks. I've got somewhere around 21 intelligence and enough points in my Shaping skills to make any creation, so my question is: how long do I have to wait before I can make some Gazers and Rotghroths?

Could I get Cryodrayks here as a loyalist?

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Find a walkthrough and consult it.. :P
If I remember correctly..you can get a canister of Create Rothgroth at Maker's Road..and you can buy Create Rothgroth at Khyryk..

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I think the only thing you can't get os Ur-Dracons as Rebels and thata is the extent of not being able to get creations.

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Gazers & Rotghroths? Gull Island for the latter, Isle of Spears for the former. I think.

Cryodrayks? Yes. You do, of course, need to find at least 3 drayk canisters because you can't buy that skill anywhere.

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Ur-Drakons are god creations. They are insanely hard to get and cost an amazing ammount of essance but once got all you really need to do is walk into an area, cast Essance armour/Augmentation on it then let it loose. Apart from opening doors the PC will never be needed.

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