I need help ... Boys .... and Girls of course

AuthorTopic: I need help ... Boys .... and Girls of course
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I was wondering..... Does anyone know where you have to go so as Greta and Alwan have more skills??

Would really appreciate it if someone replied ^(^_^)^

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Try here if you are really stuck. It gives the flag codes. The search function really isn't working.

The first places are in Dhonal Island and the Keep where Greta gets upgraded at the mage school and Alwan gets upgraded at the blacksmith inside the keep. High enough leadership will get free training.
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For Alwan:
1st Upgrade: In Inner Dhonal's Keep, Sciolino
2nd Upgrade: In Breeding Caverns, Jolana (Not sure.)

For Greta:
1st Upgrade: Dhonal's Keep, Gretchen
2nd Upgrade: Khyrk's Tower, Khyryk

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Get some Leadership, the upgrades will be cheaper.

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