Does time matter in any Geneforge game?

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AuthorTopic: Does time matter in any Geneforge game?
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I remember that running out of time on many quests is something that held me back in lots of old school RPGs. I was so happy when an official patch removed the ultimate time limit in Fallout (not the water limit though). Is this an issue with Geneforge? I really love how deep it is, and I like traveling a lot and taking it all in, but I would hate to miss a quest because of being slow!

Actually, does time matter in any Spiderweb game? I'm thinking of trying some other stuff, too.
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As far as we can tell, time plays no part in Geneforge other than for bragging how fast you can finish the game.

In A3, at least, you had to deliver packages and such within a certain time limit.

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Time doesn't matter in Geneforge.

In Exile 3 and Avernum 3, there are two major things that happen after a certain amount of time, but the amount of time is fairly generous.

Time does play a role in one of the Spiderweb-made Blades scenarios, but you are told about it explicitly there.

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As far as I can tell, time is totally meaningless in all the Geneforge games. I find this to be a good thing, since nobody can get mad at you for being too late. Besides, I like to do just about everything that can be done before finishing the game.

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