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AuthorTopic: Warped Creator
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Grrr. The warped creator is kicking my ass. It summons a bunch of worms, and when I send in my thads to melee it, it kills em. Neither my fyoras nor my thads can hit it better than 50% of the time, I can barely hit with thorns any better, and I don't have enough wands/crystals to kill it.

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This was a fairly difficult battle. I used two drayks as long range, and I attacked it with melee. I found that when it had to focus on melee combat it didn't create as many creations. Bless and Haste everyone. Augmentation and shielding spells help as well.
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Not sure which one you're talking about..

If you mean the one on the first island, I found gems were the best bet, since you can use two per turn. Go collecting, and you should be able to get enough. Alternatively, if you have leadership 10, you can tell it to die, or for leadership 7(?) you can leave the island without killing it.

For the one on the third island, just leave it to others.

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i used lots of gmes.

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I kept Dazing the worms so I could continue lobbing Searers onto the Creator. It took a while, but the outcome was never in doubt.

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it was pretty easy on the first island. i made a bunch of thads sent them to attack with me and alwan and had greta take care of the worms.

on the third island i made a couple of alphas blessed and hasted them and sent them to battle.
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