Where does one upgrade Alwan's Attack?

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AuthorTopic: Where does one upgrade Alwan's Attack?
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Can Anyone tell me where to upgrade Alwan's Attack?Couldn't find anyone yet :confused:
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I think the blacksmith in Lord Rahul's fortress does it.

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I think that is only if you are loyal to the shapers. You can also get him an acid sword in Gull Island from the guy who works with puresteel.

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought Alwan left you at the end of the third island if you were a rebel?

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Alwan will leave you if you repair Dhonal Island's creator. I'm not sure about the opinions (reputation score), however.

Upgrade Alwan's attack at Inner Keep from Sciolino, I believe it was about 700 gold, or free if you are helping Lord Rahul and you have leadership.

The 2nd time is at Gull Island, in the Breeding Caverns, talk to shaper Jolhna in the SE. He will upgrade Alwan's blade to physical with acid splash. It will cost 4000 coins, or 2000 if you have sufficient leadership.

However, in my humble opinion, Greta is stronger than Alwan... But thats just my opinion, and Alwan really shows his usefulness at the Isle of Spears, damaging many monsters with high resistances.

Hope this helps. :)
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Upgade Alwan at Scmitio?'s smithy in the Dhonal's Keep area. Upgrade again in Breeding Caverns on Gull Isle.

Whoops. Almost forgot. Acid touch is from that crazy, lunatic Shaper in Caverns, upgrade to Shaped blade from iron blade at Keep. If you are playing a Guardian, I advise that you use the Acid Blade yourself, it complements Alwan's attack nicely. You get it by turning in the Golem Notes to the purity officer, also in the inner Keep.

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