Fun Experience Bug...and another question

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AuthorTopic: Fun Experience Bug...and another question
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Thanks again to all, especially Draykefire, for earlier assistance. The First time I played, Loyalist Agent, I managed to miss 2 dungeons completely, so that's why I never found the deep crystal/focus orb.

This time, I'm trying as an agent who plays loyalist for as long as possible and switches by killing Kyryk (spelling). I found 2 things that may be buggy. One funny and the other irritating. It may be my mistake somehow....

1)When returning to stonespire after chatting with Kyryk (spelling), I went up to the NW corner to report to Macallan. Told 'em I'd seen the shaper, he says good, then I'm off. I wasn't sure I had heard all the conversation options so I went into fight mode, stood in the doorway and managed to block macallan's exit. Talk again. Don't see any new options. BUT the "I talked to Kyryk" option was there still. Got it? Who needs an experience editor? You just stand there and type 4, then 1 then click on him again...and again...I went up a level that way then stopped as it risked taking a lot of fun out of the game. Some people might enjoy it.

2)In Icy End the one drayk won't train you until you help Vrabel. Vrabel wants me to kill Orois Blaze (the greedy merchant lizard to the south). So I kill him. Go back to Vrabel who gives me the quest again. But, uhm, he's dead. So I go on and kill the shapers at the camp come back. Same thing. Go talk to the head honcho, tell the shapers are dead meat. Back to Vrabel. Same quest. Hmm. It looks like a bug....But maybe there's something else I'm supposed to do? I'm carrying the lizard's skin around so I should think that would be adequate proof! Any advice?

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Which drayk? Whats his name?

How many shapers are there?
Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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If I am not mistaken the problem is when you speak to Issss-Ta in Icy End you are told to find Vrabel who is also in Icy End. Vrabel tells you to kill Orois Blaze in the Breeding Vally for a reward. If you kill Orois Blaze and report back to Vrabel nothing happens.

Email Jeff about this, it is a bug, and please use specific names and locations so we can help you.

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