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Hi, all!
I'm new to the game and this forum, so if I'm asking something already answered, please forgive me!
I'm trying out the GF2 demo, haven't played any of the others, and I've got too much stuff to carry around. Is there any place to put your extra stuff that you want to keep for later? :confused:
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Geneforge is great in that if you leave stuff on the ground, it will be there when you come back. So just pick a spot. Just out of curiosity, what kind of stuff does everyone carry around?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! And my poor aching back thanks you as well! I've been carrying all this stuff I don't need most of the time around with me, cause i sometimes DO need it! :P Now, at last, I can put some of it down!
BTW, can you tell me where to find Dayna in Medab, or is she not in the demo?
Also, if I can get the full game, do I have to create a new character and start from scratch, or what? :confused:
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I don't know who Dayna is, but I do know that if you register you can continue using the same character that you played through the demo with.

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Thank you Raka!
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Dayna is a servile who walks around in the northern half of the map, nearby the pond.

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Thanks, Micawber! Found her!
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Dikiyoba has a great idea in stacking items in separate piles far enough apart that when you use "g" for get you will only see the one pile. This speeds up hunting for items by having all pods and spores together, then all spare wands and rods, etc.

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