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AuthorTopic: About the Ornks
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What real animals do you think that the ornks are a cross of? :)

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I thought they were basically just pigs.

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... fox?

This seems rather pointless.

Note, that's not my answer. They're obviously like pigs.

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I put Pigs and Cows. For the simple fact that they MOO! And that they look like pigs. So, i feel very justified in my answer

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Ornks aren't crosses of anything. They were created from nothing by the Nine-Headed Cave Cow. Shapers claim to have shaped them, but they didn't really. They just happen to look a lot like pigs and sound like cows.

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Close. Actually, Ornks are all descended from the Ornkithopter, who was created out of nothing by the Nine-Headed Cave Cow.

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The Ornks are basically just orange cows that say "moo"! :eek:

About the Fox and Horse bit though.LOL :D

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