quick action and parry

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AuthorTopic: quick action and parry
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For a guardian on torment in G3, should you invest in quick action and parry. I wanted to try a guardian, but I'm used to agents and shapers.

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Parry has been reduced in effectiveness from GF2 (5% per level to 3% I think). It still can help and is probably easier to get than dodging the attacks with dexterity and luck.

Quick action gives you a second swing at a melee attack and can help with powerful health monsters. It doesn't take much to get a regular second swing.

What you need more of is intelligence to cast spells. You have enough for minor healing and daze. You need a couple more levels (Int at 5) if you want to use augmentation and the other buffing spells. Don't even think about speed until after the first island unless you want to neglect everything else.

I'm testing out raising leadership and mechanics to 10 each. The leadership gives you more conversation options and higher experience than killing some monsters. Mechanics will get you through the trap test in Fort Kentia for some extra XP if you do it early enough.
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The problem with Parry is that it will rarely let you block missile (= magical) attacks -- it only gives a 1% block rate against them. That was the bigger change from G2, in which high Parry would block all of almost anything. It is still worth investing in for the damage reduction, but it's no longer the most critical skill.

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