Obeyer Ending

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AuthorTopic: Obeyer Ending
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Can anyone tell me the ending? I don't want to play through the game as one.
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There are different Obeyer endings. If you use the Geneforge there is war. Depending upon whether you destroy the Geneforge or not there will be more like you or just you versus the Shapers. Either way the Awakened do well, the Obeyers are cannonfodder for the war, and the Takers go into hiding after getting worn down.

If you destroy the Geneforge without using it then the Shapers destroy the Sholai who used cannisters and the Takers. The Rebel Sholai get to go home in peace and become trading partners. The Awakened go into hiding and the Obeyers come out on top.

There are more versions that I haven't tried.

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Originally written by Randomizer:

[QB]Either way the Awakened do well
Spoilers . . . .


Unless you personally pay a "visit" to their leaders . . . then the ones you kill are considered lucky during the war.

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Ok, thanks.
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I ended up murdering the Obeyer leaders because they were disturbed by the fact I had used the Geneforge.

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