get_flag versus get_sdf

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AuthorTopic: get_flag versus get_sdf
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Some while ago we had a discussion of the usage of these two supposedly identical calls. There was some feeling that get_sdf was somehow less trustworthy, although I was not able to identify why. Does anyone know of any actual differences between them, or are they really just the same as they should be?

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By all rights, the both appear to function exactly alike. However, I have had get_sdf kick out an error now and then for no particular reason.

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For consistency, I'd use get_flag, because there is no set_sdf or inc_sdf, just set_flag and inc_flag. I think JV just uses get_flag.

EDIT: According to the Wikibook reference:
short get_flag(short a,short b)
Identical to get_sdf.

short get_sdf(short a,short b)
Returns SDF(a,b).
So I'm guessing JV just had get_sdf to begin with, then added get_flag for consistency, leaving get_sdf just in case some of his code still referenced it.

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I'd never heard of (or experienced) problems with get_sdf. Then again I've never used it or seen anyone else use it. I've used get_flag from the start, pretty much for the reasons Dintiradan just said-- using set_flag and get_sdf is just stupid (Plus for some reason flag seems easier to type than sdf. Which makes no sense since it has an extra character-- maybe it's more natural for me since it's a real word?)

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