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AuthorTopic: Custom Terrain Questions
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1. Are the sign terrains (213, 214, 215) hard-coded as signs? Can a 4th sign be made or does it need to replace one?

2. Is it safe to mess with the beam projector & mirror terrains (380 - 389)?

3. Since I have dial-up I haven't checked the new BoA beta, but do stairs still cause the cliffs they are aginast to be blacked out whether or not the floor is suppressed?

4. What terrains are unsafe to mess with due to bugs or hard-coded behavior?

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1. Terrains 194 and 195 are also signs. I also successfully turned a shrub into a sign just now, so it seems to work on any terrain. Just do te_special_property = 39;.

2. It should be; these only act as beam projectors because of te_special_property settings. In theory you can overwrite these with non beam projectors, and make other terrains that are beam projectors.

3. I haven't had a chance to test this.

4. Don't mess with any terrains with numbers less than 74. If I remember rightly, the game likes it's walls the way they are. Other than that you should be able to do anything you want.

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I've never tried making a new sign or beam projector, but I've written over the old projectors with no problem. The sign and beam properties are set with te_special_property, so both should be safe to replace or duplicate.

As for unsafe terrains, terrain 0 would clearly be a bad idea to mess with, and I wouldn't advise messing with terrain 1 either (I know the 'solid stone' floor is off limits) Also I would leave the walls alone, just because two sets is few enough (Plus you might get bugs, I've never tried but for some reason I foresee problems) Anything after terrain 74 should be fair game.

Edit: Geez, Niemand, way to ruin my fun. :D

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Niemand answered most of this, but:

1. Don't forget to check if the terrain is look-at-able, because if it happens to break for that one terrain, you need to put dummy terrain scripts on it to make it look-at-able.

3. Sadly, this problem persists in the newest beta.

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