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AuthorTopic: Variables
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Is there a variable for amount damage done and type of damage to a character?
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Nope. If you want to see how much damage a character has taken in a round, the best you can do is check its HP before and after and measure the difference.

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New question. Suppose I want a cutscene to trigger after a GROUP of enemies is dead, what variable could I use?

And does num_killed_in_town(which_town) even work?
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I would place all the enemies in a group, then have a check in the start_state of that town to see if the group is alive. Use num_chars_in_group(). If it returns 0 then start the cutscene.

I can't say I've ever used num_killed_in_town(), but I think I've heard others complaining that it is broken.

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According to the most recent bugs thread, that call always returns 0.

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In the creatures DEAD_STATE, use the call inc_flag(x,y,1). Then, in the scenario script's START_STATE, use IF calls to check that flag(x,y) equals the number of dead bad guys the party needs to have killed to trigger the cutscene, and then trigger it.

Hope that's clear...

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