Elements of the Psyche

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AuthorTopic: Elements of the Psyche
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What are elements of the psyche or symbols that represent pain, agony, anguish, suffering, torment, wounds, blood, mutilation, insanity, et cetera?

The Temple of Pain (see BoA forum) leads to the Mindscape and you have to deal (talk/fight) with your mind and implanted suggestions and mind controls.

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I'd recommend using Wikipedia. I'm sure they have articles on such things. I personally have no knowledge of them.

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One could also invent new symbols. Or, the symbols could be connected to an important character's past, or in this case, "your" past. (Although this is a fairly common solution.)

At least one BoE scenario, Quests of the Spheres, has a quest a bit like this: The party visits a mad scientist's mind and tries to cure him. (Or something like that.) It's a maze where you have to fight "Squiggles" and other things. It might be inspirational, if you play BoE...

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