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Kel's orphanage project uses all of the graphics, whereas mine leaves out two rings and a necklace. So Kel can therefore continue his orphanage. This is just, what I feel, is far more organized.

The terrains are basically undisturbed from Kel's version. All I did was add a short table and some open doorways (460-464), as well as some slopes to match a previously nonexistant cave floor type (443-446).

Floors received a nigh-on total overhaul. I added surface stationary water (73-74), Dying Grass (79-80), Dirt Swamp (85), Ice (88-89), Spiked and Blue Cave Floor (92-95), Red and Blue Floors (110-111), Resplendent (113), all carpet types (115-126), and the V floors from A2 (142-144). In doing so, I also painfully organized everything by category.

Items were TOTALLY redone, except for the gems, which were also renamed. I added 6 new weapons types: Axes, Cudgels, Rapiers, Tribal Spears, Scimitars and Edge Swords. Axes and Cudgels are taken from EM. Rapiers are similar to Short Swords, Tribal Spears are particularly bad Pikes, Scimitars are Axes, and Edge Swords are weak two-handed swords.
I imported Canopy's Greaves. I also added some GF items, gauging their abilities in BoA as best as could be hoped for. (They're all relatively weak.)
Many necklaces and wands gained new graphics. Blessed Plate Mail, Blessed Short Sword, Blessed Pike, Alien Blade and all metal Large Shields received new graphics. Poison Elixir turned sickly green.

The Slime Pool is level 1, has certain immunities, and has a dummy script. The King is at an official's level. The Augmented Giant has the correct top half and is recolored. The Slith Avatar remains as Kel left it. The Queen Spider graphic went to the Elder Aranea.


That's about it. If anything is miscredited in the heading, let me know.

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Looks NICE! and useful.

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