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Hey yall whats goin on. I need some help. I need a beach terrain for a new scenario. Where can I get one? And how can I impliment it?

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There are some beach-like terrins available at:

As far as implementation goes, you'd have to cut the small pics out onto their own sheet, and then pu? both sets of graphics into your scenario file. (See the using custom graphics part of the documentation for that.) Then you need to define floors and/or terrains that use those custom graphics. (See the part of the docs about custom floors and terrains for that.)

If you have specific questions you can post them here.
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Wow. Those graphics are *AWESOME*! :drool:
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those are pretty cool. I particularly like the roofones. Images of chasing a thief across a 'dungeon' of rooftoops (or being chased!) suddenly come to mind...

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It's offline :(

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Luz Piazuelo, of course. A very fine artist.

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