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AuthorTopic: Item passive ability 87
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Does this passive ability actually work?

87 - Does damage to person hitting wearer with a melee attack. Does amount of damage up to
ability strength.

Or do I have to set a very high value for it to see it work.
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It does work, but there are a handful of caveats.

The damage done seems to depend on the damage received by the party member; that is, if a creature does 40 damage to me, I can't do more than 40 damage back to it.It only applies to melee combat.The damage done appears to be magic damage, meaning that if you're fighting a magic resistant creature, the damage will be reduced (although I'm not 100% sure of this).For reasons I can't entirely ascertain, the damage also varies wildly based on other statistics, possibly including the relative levels of the PCs and the monsters.But yes, I have gotten it to work with an excessively high amount of the ability (it_ability_str_1 = 100).

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So basically, it's a magic damage-based attack that can deal no more than what the damage you received and the damage you can deal back in return dictate.
(There's a few of those items in Canopy if you want to try one out...)

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Meaing its just Martyrs shield. But at strength 10 I can't seem to affect anything hiting me, oh well thanks for the info anyway.
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