What would be the best call to use?

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AuthorTopic: What would be the best call to use?
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I'm toying about with a few ideas here for removing an item from a party.
1) if
party_has_item = 473;
remove_item = 473;
2) A long winded speech thing, but since I've got another two already... 3) A step by step cut-scene, which makes the players fully understand that they've lost an item. Ofcourse, the coding for removing an item probably isn't that simple (I might ask for help later) but I've got the feeling that that's the best. However, I want to see what you think.

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That depends on what you're trying to do. If your plot demands that the item be silently removed, use the first. If the party is supposed to know about it, use one of the other two. Do what is best for your story.

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My problem is...

I wan't it removed, but since it's right at the end of the scenario, I don't want to give the players either a long speech or a cut-scene. They just take to long to go through.

Maybe I'll just...
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So make it a short speech, or no speech at all and just a brief explanation of why the item was lost/discarded.

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Oh, if it's an item that would unbalance other scenarios, then I would have some person at the end be so good as to "buy" the item off the party.
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