Can I get a hand? Or an Arm, Or a Leg

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AuthorTopic: Can I get a hand? Or an Arm, Or a Leg
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Unfortunetaly (I can never figure out how to spell that) I am horribly bad at making graphics. I was wondering if anyone either knows where there is a graphic of a human limb as an item, or would mind making one up. I would like to make a scenario where it is possible to rip someones arm off and beat them with it. It might be entertaining for a while.
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This is not anything helpful but I just wanted to comment on how funny this topic looked in the active topics link. "can I get...." by "you get nothing". I liked it. So yeah.
But for the arm couldn't you get some random graphic online?

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Possibly, but I'm not in my thinking stage yet, it's still before 6:00 PM, I'll look around on the web.
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Isn't there a dismembered reptilian limb graphic in Geneforge? You could take that, remove the spiny bits and color-shift it so it's pink or brown instead of green.

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There's one in BoA too.

(Same graphic)

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