A Neat Trick (if anyone cares)

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AuthorTopic: A Neat Trick (if anyone cares)
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I don't know if anyone already knew this (which most likely some if not most of you already did) however I once ran into the problem of how to change PC graphics (Player Character, not PC the computer type) and have it continue from one computer to the next. Well I ran upon the awnser accidently, and found it quite simple. In order to make a scenario that has PC graphics customized to your liking, in your CMG file for the scenario, simply make the resource number for the graphic you want, to replace one of the old Character Graphic resources. Doing this, not only solves the problem of continuing it on other computers, but also that you will be able to post your scenario on SW without having to worry that it will never show up because you asked someone to change a graphic file that is "Untouchable".
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Yeah, something like this was worked out for custom sound effects too. Unfortunately, we never determined if/how it could be done on Windows.

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Well, we did, but we also realized that SW would not host/acknowledge the existence of any scenario that used the technique.

EDIT: Er, reading more closely, this is slightly different. Yes, one could do this and it would be fine, I think. Nice work. Not tremendously useful, but seems like it could be nice to have as an option.

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I'd think making G1000 or whatever PC sheets are should allow for PC graphic customization. Perhaps I should have tried it with Corp?
...well, it'd be a waste to put it on SW anyway.

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