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AuthorTopic: Vampire
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From the few things I can tell from Avernum is that several Vampires enjoy the challenge of a hunt, the more powerful they are the more powerful their prey needs to be (richer blood in Heroes or something?). I think that just goes along with the typical vampiric arrogance of being better the mortals.

But yeah theres tonnes of fiction you could use, Warhammer had it that vampires where originally from an ancient human culture that degraded into necromancy and death worship, certain individuals began drinking elixirs of blood that prolonged life, as time went on they became addicted and yeah, turned into vampires.

They also had it that as vampires grew in power they became more resilent to the common weaknesses (garlic and stuff) and where able to summon up dark storm heads or darkness to protect them from sunlight during the day. So yeah, just whatever you like basicly...

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here is some news about vamps....

--they are widely believed to be creatures of the night.(actually it was supposed to mean MOONLIGHT but was morphed. thus the hatered of son light.

--they ARE related to WERE creatures!!!!BUT.... the are always at battel with them.they are in controll of all creature of the night...wolves,rats,snakes...

--they have many supernatural powers,of course. they can change to a beam of moonlight,dust and fog. the can even control the weather to a minor extent.(note...J R R Tolkien has used that for the witchking Angmar)

-- they multiply...well most of that has been already spoken about.

--there is a lot more.but will write more lata.

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The old lore also said that vampires cannot come inside a house unless they were invited. So the victim must have had some kind of a death-wish or the vampire must have been a terrifying charmer.
Or the vampire was disguised. :P I've seen that myth in use in many fantasy stories, the most notable currently one by Rick Cook and one by Robin Jarvis.

Note that the bit about undead not crossing rivers went partly into Tolkien's Nazgul... even if it has a very natural reason (ie. drowning in a flood). I've seen it in use also in Robert Jordan's Eye of the World and Garth Nix's Sabriel. It only concerns flowing water for some reason, however, and in the latter it doesn't even have to be a river...

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Another important thing about Anne Rice vampires, holy symbols doesn’t matter, in fact, a vampire (Lestat) ventured to heaven and brought with him back the holy veil of Veronica.

And Rice's vampires are not the typical evil villain. They are powerful, beautiful (in a twisted, twisted way) creatures that mortal humans minds cannot comprehend.

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